Andy & Holly


Andy & Holly

Hoping to adopt

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for considering adoption. Placing your child with another family is an admirable sacrifice. Your selfless decision is difficult, and we appreciate you taking the time to consider us as the family for this child. Although we cannot fully understand your circumstances and the choices you have to make, we do know you love and care for this child. We have had some difficult circumstances as well, dealing with infertility. As we were not able to conceive, it became clear that adoption was our calling.

We have been married for 13 years; and through the joys, challenges, celebrations, and struggles, our relationship with each other and God has deepened. As a couple, we wanted to have children 8 years before we were able to. Then in 2017, we became adoptive parents to Ella (now 1 year old), who has brought so much love and joy into our lives.

We wholeheartedly believe that adoption is a blessing from God to a child, where two families give the child a gift of being well-loved. We love being parents and enjoy watching children grow and discover their unique gifts. We are grateful for the opportunity to adopt again. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about us.

Andy & Holly

Our home

We live in South Carolina, where we are two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains (and we enjoy going to both as often as we can!) We live only 5 miles from downtown, where we both work and attend church. We live in a beautiful neighborhood that has 3 lakes. Throughout the week, we take walks together after supper, and Ella likes to find the ducks and watch the geese and blue herons fly. There are always fun things to do as a family close to our home--there is a children’s museum, a farmers’ market, waterpark, playground, and zoo only minutes away. In a short drive, there is also a national forest to explore. We can't wait to go on many more adventures as a family!

Meet Andy

Andy has a personality that puts people at ease. He treats everyone with the same kindness--no matter who they are. For six years (mostly when he was in college) he was a camp counselor for children with disabilities. After all these years, he will sometimes run into his campers, and their smile and eyes light up when they see him. Today, Andy works at a non-profit organization to help homeless families find affordable housing. He loves being outdoors, whether fishing, hiking, or playing golf. He has a close group of friends who are supportive in each other’s spiritual growth, commitment to marriage, and being a father. Andy loves being a dad. He is involved in every aspect of parenting--from making breakfast, changing diapers, and playing to gently guiding and teaching Ella. He is looking forward to having another child in our family.

Meet Holly

Holly loves being outside and feeling the warm sun. She enjoys riding her bike, hiking, reading, and taking walks with our dog. Faith and her family and friends are very important aspects of Holly’s life. She loves being a mom and can't wait to welcome and love another child as part of our family. She has the gift of having an imaginative mind and a sense of humor that children are drawn to. Celebrating holidays and birthdays are important to her, as she loves making memories of family spending time together.

She works for a program that helps families in need get healthy food, and she teaches at a nearby college. Her schedule is very flexible, and she works from home most days, making it the perfect job that allows her to be available at any time for our family.

Who we are

We are fortunate that we both enjoy the outdoors; and given the opportunity, that is where you will find us. Whether taking a hike, working in the yard, going to the lake or the beach, or visiting a state park, our love of nature helps keep us close. Some traditional trips include going to the Blue Ridge Mountains to see the change in seasons, and we head to Georgetown, SC, a couple times of year to spend time at the beach with Holly's parents. We also have enjoyed trips to all over the country in cities like San Diego, Boston, Salt Lake, and Boulder. We can't wait to show a child the treasures in SC, as well exploring places we've dreamed of visiting.

Our Christian faith is important to us, and we attend our church regularly. Something we most look forward to in parenting is sharing our values and faith with our children. We are blessed with good friends who have children and have seen them demonstrate the important role parents play. It is our desire to provide a child with a balanced life through unconditional love and guidance.

We love our family, friends, and each other. Our lives are rich with blessings, and we can’t wait to share it with a child. Thank you for considering us. We want you to know, you will always have a special place in our hearts. Our child will know that they are loved and that they were born to a mother who wanted them to have a special life.

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