Ari & Julia


Ari & Julia

Hoping to adopt

Dear Birth Mother,

We would like to tell you, first of all, how grateful we are to you for your act as a mother of bringing a child into this world!

That beautiful act, and the decision to give that child for adoption, allows a couple like us to have the blessing of parenting a child that we will love and cherish with all our hearts. We have been longing for a child for more than 7 years. Our hearts are full with joy that we may soon be able to love that child and welcome her into our hearts and our home.

Our names are Julia and Ari. We have been married for 10 years and we have been blessed with a love for each other that is so strong, and a sense of unity in our marriage that is so complete, that we both feel we have been lucky beyond measure to find each other. We met by chance one day when I was traveling in his country. Our lives changed forever on that day and we have never let each other go since, even though we were separated for a year while I was finishing school in the United States and he had to stay behind, waiting to be allowed to come to the United States to be with me.

I am an American and Ari is from Latin America. Even though we are from two different cultures, with two different languages and different customs, we feel we are a perfect match. We speak English when we are with others, and Spanish to each other. So, if you decide to give us your baby, she will speak both English and Spanish, too.

Ari and I want to adopt because we cannot have our own children. We have tried for 7 years to have a baby, but we decided that we want to adopt because we believe that, if God did not choose to give me a baby to carry in my own body, it is because He has chosen another woman to give us the gift of that child. We are grateful beyond measure for this amazing woman, and thank God for her every day.

If you decide that you are that woman, you can have peace and joy in your heart knowing that your baby will have two parents who have been waiting for a long time to welcome him and love him. Our hearts have been open to him for many years, and our home is full of love for him. He will never be without eyes to watch over him or hearts to love him.

Her days will be full of things to learn and enjoy, her extended family will surround her with love and tenderness, she will grow and flourish and be everything that she is meant to be in life, because Ari and I will love her and guide her and raise her to be the best human being that she can be.
This is our duty to her, as our daughter, and to you, as her birth mother.

There are no words that can express our gratitude to you for giving life to the baby that we will raise and love.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Julia and Ari

Life With Us

If your baby joins our family, she will have so many wonderful things to experience so she can grow and learn.
The house she will grow up in is surrounded by beautiful, tall trees with a view of the marsh. The garden of the house is a beautiful place for a child to play and roam, with much to see and observe of nature. The inside of the house is light and airy, with large windows letting in lots of natural light and multiple views of the garden.
She will have many beautiful life experiences. Her grandfather will take her to hike near his cabin in the mountains, and her grandmother will teach her how to make Latin American food. Her American cousins will play games with her at thanksgiving and the house will be so full of joy with all their running and playing.
Her Hispanic uncles will teach her how to play the Maracas and other Latin instruments, and when she becomes old enough to be able to visit Latin America she will get to listen to music and to dance at family gatherings, because her family, like most Latino families, loves to do those things.

Meet Ari

I am a contractor and I love to build things. I can make you anything you want- a deck, a sunroom, a dog house, a tree house- if you can think of a design, with a little creativity and some hard work, I can make it happen.
Right now I am planning to make a beautiful, custom crib for the baby we will adopt.
Julia and I live in a beautiful house in the woods and, working together, we have made it our own little paradise. Julia is the one with the creative ideas for how to make the house beautiful and I make those ideas become reality! Around our house is a beautiful garden that would be a perfect place for a child to play and grow up with an experience close to nature.
I have helped raise many of my nieces and nephews and I love children. I have always wanted to be a father and feel a natural tenderness towards children. I have seen the happiness that children bring, not only to their parents, but to the entire extended family. Julia and I have a love for each other that is extraordinarily strong, and we would love to extend that love towards the child that we will raise and love.

Meet Julia

I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and I work with people with depression, bipolar and schizophrenia. I love my job because I know that people who struggle with mental health issues go through so much pain and suffering. I feel grateful that I can bring my patients some joy and comfort when they are going through so much.
My heart has been open to bringing a child into our lives for many years. I grew up caring for my baby sister and have many years of experience with caring for my many nieces and nephews. Right now, I have a nephew who is struggling with feelings of sadness and low self esteem. It brings me so much joy to spend time with him and shower him with love. I can see his gentle spirit get stronger when he feels that love and knows how much I believe in his capacity to overcome his struggle.
That is the kind of love that I want to shower on your baby. I want to love him, nurture and raise him to know that he is loved and cherished. I want him to know that he is a noble being and can be proud of who he is.
I cannot wait to care for your baby and I'm so excited to raise him in a home full of love.

We Love our Family!

We both have huge families- Ari has 8 brothers and sisters and Julia has 5. We think we are so lucky to have our wonderful families, and, for us, there is nothing more important than the love of your family. If you allow us to bring your baby into our family, she will have a huge family to love her and raise her.
She will be so full of love from her many aunts and uncles and cousins.
All total your baby will have 22 cousins! And every single one of those children is just waiting for your baby to join our family so they can love their new cousin. They ask about when we will bring home our baby all the time!
Julia's family all live near to each other and we spend time together several times per week. Some of Ari's family still live in Latin America but we go to visit them every year when we can. Every time we arrive there is a sense of joy and happiness that only grows stronger as the years go by.

Life with us

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