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Michael & Kate

Hoping to adopt

Dear Birth Mother,

You are BRAVE; you are STRONG; and you are APPRECIATED!

You are making a beautiful, selfless sacrifice to allow us the opportunity to grow our family, for which we will always be grateful. We have been dreaming of this for some time, wondering who you are and what this journey will be like. We will always honor your contribution in this wonderful blessing. We intend to be honest and forthcoming with this child about where they come from and that they were born in love. We will never be secretive about our child's origins, as we want them to trust in the gift that their birth mother has given them.

We have so much love to give and truly enjoy being parents, and we hope to continue this journey through adoption. This child, although we have not met them yet, is already so loved and so wanted. Our hearts are open and hopeful.

We can't wait to hold this precious gift, and we thank you for taking part in this beautiful experience.
Sending you blessings and love!

A Day in Our Lives

Our family is LARGE and LOUD. We have dozens of cousins, uncles, and aunts who can't wait to love on another baby. We love getting together for big events and catching up with each other. Holidays are always filled with dinners and events with our loved ones.

We are blessed to have been friends with the same crowd since grade school, so we make spending time with them a priority as well. We are all growing our families and enjoying raising children together after growing up together ourselves. We are lucky to surround ourselves with talented people like musicians, chefs, artists, educators, and small business owners.

We believe it takes a village to raise a family, and our village is AMAZING.

Since Michael is a State Park Ranger, our little family lives on the state park he is assigned to. We love being surrounded by nature and the amenities that come with living on a park. We enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, and rock wall climbing. Living on the park gives us an appreciation for our time and forces us to slow down and really enjoy our family. We are blessed to have the opportunity to raise our children in such a wonderful environment.

Meet Michael

Michael is often described as quiet, thoughtful, and kind. He is reserved, but he is also very sociable when with his family and friends. He enjoys spending time outdoors, so being a state park ranger is the perfect job for him. He enjoys many outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, camping, and biking. Michael loves sports and was an athlete throughout his life. He was involved in baseball, football, and wrestling.

Although Michael is an outdoors man, he is also very gentle. He is an animal lover and has rescued squirrels, armadillos, and even opossums while on the job. He is really a big softy.

Michael enjoys photography and takes advantage of the scenery and wildlife at work. Michael has a great sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh. Michael received his B.S. in Biology in 2012. He enjoys learning new things and is always researching something he is interested in.

Michael has always wanted children. He often says of all the things he has done in his life, being a dad is what he does best.

Meet Kate

Kate is an outgoing, creative person, who thrives when she is surrounded by her family and friends. She loves planning parties and gatherings, so she can have all the people she loves in one place. Kate describes herself as an open-minded, energetic person who always has her nose in a book or research article. She enjoys learning AND teaching!

Kate is a behavior consultant, working with children and adults with a variety of disabilities. She received her M.Ed in spring of 2018 and is currently pursuing board certification. She has worked in this field for nearly a decade and is very passionate about her work.

Kate spends the bulk of her free time with her family and friends or working on home craft projects. She enjoys reading, camping, painting, and watching movies. Kate is a family-oriented person and regularly plans family outings and trips to visit family and friends who live in the mountains of SC.

Our Family

Our family consists of Kate, Michael, and Shepard. We have been friends since high school and began dating once we were in college. We have been together for almost 10 years and just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! We are truly each other's best friend and make a great team. While Kate is the dreamer and the planner, Michael is the more realistic and level-headed partner. We complement each other well and are looking forward to experiencing the adoption journey as a family.

Our first daughter, Magnolia, was stillborn in 2015. We love her very much and choose to celebrate her birthday and honor her at every opportunity. Our son, Shep, is 2 years old and loves animals, being outside, and video chatting with family. He is extremely social and intuitive. He is also big on secret handshakes!

We spend all of our free time together and enjoy going out as a family visiting the zoo, going to museums, or taking day trips to the beach. We also visit our family and friends who live near the Blue Ridge Mountains of SC regularly. We are a very active family and are always on the go. We really can't wait to welcome another baby into our family. We know Shep will be a wonderful big brother!

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