Les & Meema


Les & Meema

Hoping to adopt

Hi, so nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time out to get to know us a bit more. We know that this decision is not an easy one, but we greatly admire your selflessness as you look to the future for your child. This decision process may have been very difficult for you, and we hope that you have the support system you need to give you peace in your heart.

You are brave! You are strong! You are amazing!

Please know you have our promise that we will provide a loving, caring, and fun home life for this child. Life isn't always perfect, but we learn from the downs and celebrate the ups and continue to move forward.

Before we were pregnant with Brody both of us talked about wanting to adopt one day. As an adoptee I had the most loving family and I want to give another child an opportunity that I was so very blessed with. For Les, he has seen firsthand the love and opportunities adoptive parents can give to a child. Through my story he has become a huge advocate of adoption and wants to add to our family through adoption.

Here is a glimpse into our perfectly imperfect life.

Thank you for considering us.

Meema's Adoption

I was born to nomadic tribal parents in Thailand. My biological mom was very ill in the last few months of pregnancy. My dad took my mom down from the mountains and went to the hospital. My mom was diagnosed with advanced tuberculosis and passed away 10 days after I was born. It's tribal custom to bury the baby with the deceased mom, so my biological father did not return to the hospital to claim my mom's body or to claim me. I was then put into foster care through an adoption agency.

My adoptive parents found out about me the day I was put into foster care. There were a lot of roadblocks along the way; and after 18 long months of waiting, I finally arrived in the United States. I became the 5th and youngest member of the family. My brother was adopted from the United States, and my sister was adopted from South Korea. We grew up knowing that we were all chosen by our parents, and each of us was a gift from God. I am blessed with this wonderful life and am so thankful for my adoptive family.

Les has learned about adoption and adoptive families through Meema's family.
He is so excited to provide a life for our future baby!

Meet Les

If you meet Les for the first time or for the 100th time, it doesn't matter; he will find something to talk to you about, and he'll make you feel at ease. Our friends nicknamed him Big Bear because he will give you the biggest bear hug when he sees you.

Les grew up in a small town, where he played baseball and football growing up. His dad was a factory worker, and his mom was a stay-at-home mom. Les understood the importance of hard work; so after he graduated high school, he attended a local technical college and received his Air Frame and Power Plant Certificate.

Les was employed as an intern with an aerospace company. He obtained his associates degree in Industrial Technology. After working his way up the ranks at his company, Les received his bachelors degree in Business Administration, and his last position was a customer support engineer. He was able to travel the world and visited Singapore, Italy, The Netherlands, Egypt, and so many other adventurous places. Les had a wonderful 15-year career with that company. Now he is a quality manager and loves his job.

Through the years, I have watched Les grow personally, as a husband and as a dad. He loves to help coach TBall, swim, go on walks with the dogs and play dinosaurs with Brody. Les loves to laugh and have fun with Brody.

Les loves college football (specifically Clemson Tigers), grilling on our green egg, the beach and having fun with friends and family.

He strives for daily success and makes sure to provide for us. Who knew a country boy from a small country town would be a world traveler! From his southern accent to his kind heart, he makes life that much better for me. I couldn't ask for a better life partner, best friend, and dad. He makes me proud.

Meet Meema

Meema grew up in Missouri, and she still supports the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. Her dad owned a donut shop growing up, so she helped him make the donuts. Through many early mornings, she learned the importance of hard work and success. Her mom stayed at home, and she taught her everything she needed to know about baking and cooking.

Growing up, Meema played outside with her big brother riding bikes, climbing trees, and making mud pies. Meema also learned how to do her hair and make-up from her big sister. She was very active in church and school activities. Meema was a social butterfly then, and she still is today.

After Meema graduated from high school, she went to college and earned a bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology. After graduation, she lived in New York and Indiana; but when she landed in South Carolina over 13 years ago, she knew this was where she wanted to stay. A few years later, she went on to earn a masters degree in Management. Meema will tell you she isn't good at tests, and she just worked hard.

Meema claims South Carolina as home and has made a great network of friends that have turned into family. Meema loves to travel to the lake or beach, watch superhero movies, entertain friends and family.

Meema loves spending quality time with Brody. They cook in bake in the kitchen together, read books, kick the soccer ball and cuddle watching Paw Patrol.

She balances being a wife, mom, and an HR Manager better than anyone I know. She is funny, thoughtful, and kind. We love her so much and appreciate all that she does for our family. The journey for her to get to the U.S. was a long 18 months, and I'm thankful that her parents chose her and that God chose her to be my wife. I know she will be a great mom to your child.


Brody is our biological son. He was born in May, and he is 4 years old. He is kind, thoughtful, and adventurous. He loves swimming, puzzles, dinosaurs, T-ball, being outside, the Zoo, friends, and his pups. He goes to a daycare that is a few minutes from the house, and their curriculum is faith-based. He is so excited to have a sibling to play with and love on. He gives the best hugs and kisses around.
We know he will be the BEST Big Brother!

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