Louis & Sarah Beth


Louis & Sarah Beth

Hoping to adopt

Dear Expectant Mom:
Thank you for looking over our portfolio. We know that this is a tough decision you are making, and we want you to know that we are praying for you during this time. We have been married for five years, and we have one child from Louis' first marriage. We started trying for more children soon after we were married; but after the stillbirth of our daughter and a miscarriage, we felt that God was calling us to grow our family through adoption. We want to provide a loving and safe home for children to grow together. Our son is 12 and would love a brother or sister to play with. If you choose us, we want you to know that we will share with this child the loving sacrifice that you made in choosing life for them. We hope this page will give you a glimpse into our lives and help you as you make this decision.
With love and prayers,
Sarah Beth and Louis.

Our Love Story

We met when I was hired to fill a position Louis left when he moved into another role within the company. When we first met, we were not instantly attracted to each other; but through work events, we got to know each other better and eventually started dating. I love that Louis is funny and welcoming to everyone he encounters, and he says that he was attracted to my strength and compassion for others. We dated for five years before getting engaged. Louis surprised me while I was on a girls' weekend and proposed in the same spot where we got married a year later. His son was our best man, and I got to exchange vows with both of them. We honeymooned in the Low Country of South Carolina. We believe the strength of our marriage is our ability to lean on one another through multiple losses and ups and downs and the fact that we are best friends, soul mates, and enjoy spending time with one another.

Meet Louis

Louis is a loving, kind, and hardworking man. He loves his family well and brings life to our family. Louis has a 12-year-old son from his first marriage, so I am already confident in his ability to be a wonderful father to any children who come into our home. Louis works as a project manager, which allows him time to be at home with us. Louis loves to watch football, work in his wood shop, and work around the house. One of his favorite pastimes is to coach Wyatt in football and baseball, so we are a very active sports family. Louis is very close to his dad, who lives just ten minutes away from us. I love the way he takes all of his sports "kids" under his wing and focuses on building up people who will be good humans, and not just good ballplayers. I love his ability to bring humor and warmth into any situation and the way I feel safe and protected whenever he is near.

Meet Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth is happy, loving, and warm. She is the heart of the family, and our family is her first priority. She loves to spend time gardening, cooking, crafting, and blogging. She also likes to entertain friends for dinners and cookouts and is an excellent cook. Her shrimp and grits are one of my all-time favorite dishes. She also makes a really good jambalaya. I don't know anyone who deserves to be a mother more than she does. She has so much love to give, and any child would blessed to have her. I love the relationship she and Wyatt share; she has always treated him as fully her child. Her faith and strength amaze me daily. At our wedding, she told me she wanted a marriage like her grandparents--that no matter what storm came our way, we would be unbreakable. We have that marriage and work every day to make it even stronger than the day before. She is a wonderful wife and mom, and we are so blessed to have her.

Our Lives

We live in a beautiful, two-story home that has four bedrooms, three baths, an open floor plan, a huge backyard with a pool, and a great neighborhood. There are great schools nearby, and we are within an hour's driving distance to state parks and hiking trails. We live in a very family-friendly neighborhood and have enjoyed getting to know all of the families and their children. Neighborhood cookouts in the summer are one of our favorite things to do.

We love spending time together and travel a lot. Wyatt loves to have input into our vacations, and we spend a lot of time in some pretty fun spots. A couple of summers ago, we even got to travel to Montana for a cousin's wedding. It was stunning! We have a goal to visit all 50 states, but we enjoy being home together, too. We love being a sports family and spend a lot of time at the football fields or on the baseball field. I love being a team mom, and Louis enjoys his time coaching our Little League teams. We love to cook together, and we enjoy spending time in our community. We love to celebrate holidays and have family over for big dinners, cookouts, and pool parties. In the fall, we have friends over almost every weekend to watch college football games. We also like to get out and go hiking and fishing, and we love to travel to the coast and up into the mountains, which are both easy drives from our home.

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