Stephen & Miriana


Stephen & Miriana

Hoping to adopt

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you for considering placing your child with us! Our names are Miriana and Stephen. We have been married for 6 years, and it has been our dream to start a family together. While we are not able to have biological children, we trust that God has a plan for a special child who needs a loving mother and father to care for them, and we are humbled and honored to be part of His plan for your precious child. Thank you for considering us!

We are both very energetic, adventurous, supportive, and caring. Most of all, we are very dedicated to each other. Miriana is from Brazil and teaches at an elementary school. Stephen grew up in California and works as a business consultant. We love to travel and met while studying in Australia on a volunteer project for our church youth group. We now live in South Carolina.

Our parenting style is focused on faith, family, encouragement, and unconditional love. We would ensure that the child we are blessed to adopt is supported and encouraged, nurtured in body and spirit, and loved unconditionally. We pray to be positive role models for our adopted child and to teach him or her to be kind and respectful of others.

As you consider us as adoptive parents, please pray along with us to find God’s special plan for your child. If we are meant to be his or her adoptive parents, know that we will always love and cherish him or her as a blessing from God, which you have entrusted us with. We look forward to sharing his or her progress with you in letters and photos.

Thank you once again for your consideration. We look forward to meeting you!

♥ Miriana and Stephen

Travel Adventures

We love adventure and travel. Both of us have a curious, inquiring, and exploring nature. Learning about and understanding other peoples, places, languages, and cultures is very important to us.

While traveling in Australia, we sought out many opportunities to explore and experience a beautiful and very different part of the world--snorkeling with tropical fish in the Great Barrier Reef, feeding kangaroos and koalas in the Outback, and climbing rocky coastlines to experience ocean views. Our favorite experiences included tasting fresh salmon from the waters of Lake Pukaki in New Zealand, the scent of wild lavender fields in Tasmania, savoring fresh papaya from plantations in tropical Queensland, and perusing strawberry fields in Berenberg.

Visiting Miriana’s family in Brazil is always an exciting adventure for us both. The relaxed culture in Brazil is warm and inviting and always involves big family celebrations to welcome us. Of course samba dancing, family football, churrasco barbeque, rice & beans, and fresh tropical fruits are always on the menu. When we visit Brazil, we love visiting the beach, touring magnificent old churches, and finding our way to the café through winding cobblestone streets.

These were fantastic experiences that we love and hope to share with our adopted child.

Meet Stephen

Dependable, resourceful, respectful, active, an explorer, and dedicated to family. The health, safety, security, and well-being of his family is very important to him, and not a day goes by when he is not focused on protecting his family and ensuring they're secure in their needs--physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Growing up with his brothers and sisters in a Christian home, Stephen was taught by his father and mother from an early age to respect others and always work to protect and defend his younger friends in the neighborhood.

After university, Stephen went to work as a political manager to defend rights and protections for the most vulnerable in society. He realized that he had good leadership skills and sought to develop these by completing another university degree at the most prestigious university in Australia. The experience of studying and living in a far-away land taught him the value of hard work, leadership, and respect for other cultures.

While in Australia, Stephen volunteered to lead a Christian youth ministry to support vulnerable young people, helping them to become more independent, enjoy fun activities together like hiking and soccer, and learn more about God. While volunteering there, he met the love of his life, Miriana.

Their Christian faith is very important to Stephen and Miriana, who continue to be actively involved in their church community and help support those in need.

Stephen now lives with Miriana in South Carolina, where they bought their first home and are hoping to start a family together. He loves cooking Latin American food, working on home projects, playing with his 3 nieces, church activities, soccer, salsa dancing, traveling, and learning Spanish and Portuguese.

Meet Miriana

Loving, nurturing, supportive, encouraging, devoted to children. As a young girl growing up in Brazil, Miriana found that she loved to give others confidence in themselves and always looks to a better, brighter future. Her passion for supporting and nurturing others has never left her.

In achieving her dream of becoming a preschool teacher, Miriana is driven to help children to have confidence in themselves, know their value, and never forget God's love for them. She believes that the earliest years of a child’s life are an opportunity to grow confidence in themselves, which will last a lifetime.

Nutrition, exploring outdoors, exercise, and healthy habits are some of Miriana’s favorite topics to teach children. Through her work as a preschool teacher, she saw firsthand how nutrition and exercise can help change children’s confidence in themselves, learn more at school, make friends, and grow in happiness.

Achieving her dream of becoming a teacher was an adventure for Miriana. Leaving her home and family in Brazil, she traveled to Australia to learn English and earn her teaching degree. While studying there, she continued to live out her Christian faith. She volunteered for hours every week to lead the prayer support team in the church youth ministry. It was there that she met the love of her life, Stephen, who also traveled to Australia to study. They were married in Australia and lived there for a few years.

Their Christian faith is very important to Stephen and Miriana, who continue to be actively involved in their church community and help support those in need.

Miriana now lives with Stephen in South Carolina, where she works as an elementary school teacher to support, and nurture children’s confidence in themselves. She loves playing with Stephen's 3 young nieces, cooking healthy meals, exercising outdoors, hiking, gardening, salsa dancing, traveling to new places, and learning Spanish and Latin.

Our New Home

A safe and welcoming environment to live in is important to us, and we are blessed to have purchased our new home last year in a good neighborhood, bustling with many other small children and families and in the best school district in South Carolina.

We were excited to select the location of our home; collaborate with builders on the layout, design and construction; and select the features we feel are important for a family with a young child. Miriana loves the gourmet kitchen, and Stephen enjoys the trees and landscaping. Safety, security, and healthy habits are very important to us, and these were foremost on our mind as we helped to design our new home. One feature that we included was a bright and airy child’s bedroom close to our bedroom; we also included a nice backyard area and plenty of areas to play.

The neighborhood has several parks, a kids' play gym, hiking trails, and swimming pools. We love taking long walks through the area in autumn, picnics in the park in spring, and cool dips in the swimming pool all summer.

We can’t wait to share our new home and community with our adopted child.

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