Mark & Monica


Mark & Monica

Hoping to adopt

Dear Expectant Mother,

Thank you so much for choosing adoption. We respect you so much for choosing this path. Also, thanks for considering us to parent this child. I hope this letter can give you a glimpse of what life would be like with us.

A little bit about us:

We are Monica and Mark, and we’ve been married for 14 years. We are both 41. We have two boys, 10 and 7 years old. We live in a small city with a tight-knit community and tons of kids. We own a business that Monica runs from home, and we stay very flexible with freedom to work or not at Monica's own pace. Mark also works in the corporate world and travels a couple times a year but sticks close to home with lots of flexibility with hours.

We had trouble getting pregnant with Reid, our 9 year old; and after Boyd, our 7 year old, we couldn’t have any more. We know a lot of people who have adopted children and are very excited about using the process to expand our family.

In our day-to-day life, we are very social. We love doing things with other families in our small community. Pool, beach, pool, beach, playdates. That’s kind of how our weekends look. We travel throughout the year. In the past year, we went to Ecuador, the NC mountains to ski/snowboard, and on an Alaskan cruise; and we are going to Virginia with friends for July 4th, then to Salt Lake City for a company convention. Whew! Then things calm down before school starts again. We love to travel but love being at home, too, and all sink into the couch when we make it back to our house.

Mark enjoys live music, classic cars, and woodworking. He’s built a lot of furniture for us using reclaimed wood from our family farm near Columbia, SC. He is always up for another house, yard, or car project. He also enjoys tennis, surfing, and basketball (although he likes to hurt himself doing all three!).

Monica is big on natural health and loves researching food, herbs, and body work. She loves cooking, and Mark says she is a pantry chef--she can open the pantry and make a meal out of random things. Monica has her hands in all kinds of DIY projects, including sewing, jewelry making, and blending perfumes. But her favorite thing of all is to just hang out with friends and family.

Thank you again for considering our family and taking the time to get to know us. We wish the absolute best for you and this child every step of this journey,

-Mark & Monica

Our Home

We live in a 4-bedroom house on a cul-de-sac that is super friendly, and neighbors host dinners and cookouts throughout the year. We have two dogs, a beagle-lab mix, who lays on the couch all day, and a foxhound rescue, who is happy if someone is petting him 24/7. We have a small pool and hot tub in the backyard that the boys play in year-round.

A fun thing we've recently been working on is to turn our yard into an edible landscape. We've been trying to plant as many things as possible that we can eat. We just planted 3 blueberry bushes, an orange tree, and a lemon tree. We also grow carrots, herbs, and strawberries each spring. It's fun to harvest and teach the kids about where food comes from while nibbling things in the yard.

Our home is two blocks from our recreation center and playground. The boys play soccer and basketball at the rec center and attend day camp there during the summer. We're so lucky to have such a great spot to play as a family that is so close.

The beach is about two blocks away from our home, too. We have a standing date with all our friends to meet on the beach every Friday afternoon/evening when the weather is warm enough. Our boys love to surf and boogie board and have attended surf camp the last two years.

Meet Mark

Mark is a very down-to-earth, fun person to be around. He's always up for a party, new adventure, and to meet a new friend. Beach gatherings with friends is his favorite activity each week. He's often the first to arrive and last to leave.

Mark really enjoys being a husband and father. Spending time with immediate family, doing whatever, is a favorite pastime. Some of Mark's hobbies are learning to surf, biking with the family, skateboarding (trying not to hurt himself), tennis, basketball, sailing, coaching youth sports, discovering new music, wood-working, and classic car restoration.

His job-oriented strengths are organization, financial management, and customer interaction. He's applied all of these attributes to helping establish and run a health and wellness business with his wife, while also working 9-5 at an IT company.

Mark grew up in a small town playing numerous sports, spending time building forts in the woods, and riding bikes. The close friendships he formed in his youth are still strong today; he often visits and vacations with these friends each year.

Mark's parents were hard-working educators, who dedicated their careers to helping advance young adults. And now in retirement, this is still a philanthropic focus. This passion has rubbed off on Mark; he's fueled by volunteerism efforts and spent over 10 years serving as a Big Brother with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program.

Mark has a sister who is only 18 months younger. They spent a lot of time together growing up. They even went to the same college. They are still close today, and Mark enjoys visiting her and her family a few times each year.

Meet Monica

Monica never meets a stranger. She'll talk to anyone about anything and loves every minute. She is a big time tree hugger and wants to save the world, one less chemical and one light turned off at a time.

She loves to research and will dive into a subject when it involves her family. She is the advocate for all of their health and makes sure all their doctors are up to speed and know the best way to treat anything that comes their way.

Monica tinkers in all kinds of hobbies, including sewing, cooking, gardening, and crafting with the kiddos. But her main hobby is socializing!

Monica’s dad was in the army, so they moved around a lot for the first part of her life: Germany, Virginia, New Jersey, Alaska, then back to Virginia, where her dad retired and she did most of her growing up. She went to Virginia Tech and has a degree in Communications, just like Hoda Kotb! She worked in Public Relations and Marketing until Reid was born, and she stayed home with him and became a volunteer breastfeeding counselor. She finished her masters degree in Holistic Nutrition when Reid was born; and a year after Boyd was born, Monica started a business helping others learn how to take charge of their health through nutrition and changing products in their homes. It gives her an outlet to talk with a lot of people and change lives but stay flexible for our family as she can work when she wants.

Monica has an older brother in Virginia who is married with a daughter in high school. Her parents live close in South Carolina and are a big part of their lives--helping with yard work, gardening projects, or taking the boys out on adventures to the zoo or aquarium. Monica has a TON of cousins, aunts, and uncles who live nearby, and they see them often for big holiday gatherings or just to catch up.

Meet the Boys

The boys are the sweetest and so close. They're excited to welcome a sibling to the family and are already talking about the contest to be the best brother.

Reid is looking forward to helping coach soccer in the future for his new brother or sister. He loves to play and is great at teaching his younger brother, Boyd, how to dribble the ball.

Boyd is a big reader and has already started a pile of baby books that he wants to read. He loves school and will be a patient teacher with math, social studies, and reading. But if you ask him, his favorite subject is also soccer.

We don't make the boys play a sport, but they choose to play at our rec center, and they also swim with our neighborhood swim team. They also enjoy arts and crafts after both attending an arts-based preschool.

The boys attend a partial magnet school with a focus on the coastal environment. It's a small neighborhood school with about 3-4 classes for each grade, so the kids get to know everyone and form tight friendships. The school has Spanish, a computer lab, music, and a wet lab/aquarium room. The school is located right on the beach, and they have occasional recess and science classes on the beach.

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